Always ready for new adventures.

We are Jessi & Markus

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We are Jessi and Markus – heart and mind, dreamer and realist, late riser and early bird. We understand each other without any words, we are best friends, a couple deeply in love – and we are a great team. We are completely different in many ways, but we also have a lot in common: We both talk, laugh and eat too much, we are addicted to cheese, suffer from chronic wanderlust and love to be at the sea or in the mountains. Our hearts beat for everything that can’t be captured: For golden light, acoustic music, freshly prepared ski slopes, for the sound of the sea, mountain air, words, feelings and memories.


For us, there is nothing better than capturing the love of two people and creating memories that become more and more valuable with every year and every new generation. We will make the best and most authentic wedding photos and wedding films, when we know you well and when we become a part of your story and are right in the middle of it rather than just close by. Therefore, we want to get to know you, laugh and celebrate with you – and help you to make one of the best days of your life a day to remember and a day you will never forget.

Fun Fact



For three years we lived in a flat of 32 square meters, had more plants than square meters – and couldn’t imagine a better place to live. That’s why IKEA Tetris is still one of our (or Jessi’s) favorite games.

Fun Fact



Our favourite outfit: Jumpsuits. We call them rompers. These pieces are awesome and our must-have for winter days in our office. Going to the bathroom in a jumpsuit is quite tricky though…

Fun Fact


We love each other very much, but when it’s about food, either of us is a lone fighter. That’s why we can’t really have such thing as a romantic dinner. We mostly finish our meal after half an hour or so and then look at each other like ‘And what now?’.

Fun Fact


Since Jessi studied and lived in Sweden for half a year, we have been infected with the Scandinavian virus. We simply love the swedish way of life – it’s so simple and easy-going. A little bit of fika and everything is fine.

Bucket List

our wishes & dreams

✔ Paragliding in the Alps.
✔ Swimming in the Arctic Ocean.
✔ Kayaking in Norways.
✔ Snorkeling with Nemo, Dori & Racker.
✔ Ice climbing in the glacier.
✔ Huskytour in Lapland.
✔ Meeting dolphins & wales in the wild.
✔ Meeting 3/5 of the big 5 in Africa.

✔ Camping in the jungle.
✔ Being woken up by a hippo.
✔ Seeing Northern Lights.
✔ Swimming in a lagoon in Iceland.
✔ Skiing the steepest slope of Austria.
✘ Backpacking through Central America.
✘ Living in a red swedish house.
✘ …

Let us fight for our dreams.

The year is too short to wait for sometime.