Wedding Guide German



For Adobe InDesign & Adobe Acrobat.


Design template for our German Wedding Guide. 40 pages filled with tips and inspirations.




Many photographers have asked us for our Wedding Guide. That’s why we are very happy to finally share it with you guys.


In 2015 we handed out our first Wedding Guide to our couples. Since then we have added new ideas, tips and inspirations every year. The goal was and still is to teach our couples and create the best conditions for beautiful photographs. After booking our couples receive our 40-page Wedding Guide – with many tips and inspirations for their wedding day. So they have all the information they need and also know what’s important for good photographs.


Our Wedding Guide helps our couples a lot. Most of all we want to inspire and motivate them to celebrate their wedding as they want to – regardless of any traditions or the opinions of others. In addition, our Wedding Guide has simplified our way of working and improved the quality of our work a lot.


Say goodbye to bad light situations, chaotic timetables and colorful party lights! And hello to emotional first looks, personal wedding vows and happy couples!


These are the topics:

  • Introduction
  • Engagement Shoot
  • Wedding Style
  • Schedule / Timeline
  • Getting Ready
  • First Look
  • Wedding Ceremony
  • Reception
  • Dinner
  • Couple Shoot
  • First Dance & Party
  • After Wedding Shoot


Our Wedding Guide is designed as a 40-page brochure with wire stitching and a closed size of 210 x 210 mm. The design is clean, minimalist – and offers plenty of room for beautiful photos. You can easily insert your own photos, exchange fonts and colors, and modify the text if you like. So you can easily create your very own Wedding Guide. We also offer two cost-effective alternatives: A simplified self-printing design and the ability to send your Wedding Guide to your couples via e-mail as a PDF file.


Here you can see a few pages of our Wedding Guide. So you get an insight into the structure and design and can better imagine what your wedding guide might look like…


wedding guide

wedding guide

wedding guide

wedding guide


The download folder includes:

  • Wedding Guide design template (40 pages) including all texts – as an idml file for Adobe InDesign.
  • For those who don’t have Adobe InDesign: A pdf-file, so you can copy and paste the text.
  • A simplified design (text only, no images, 15 pages, DinA4) for self-printing at home – as an idml file for Adobe InDesign.
  • Our Wedding Guide as an example for inspiration – as a pdf file.
  • Instructions for customization and tips for PDF export & printing.


We wish you lots of fun with our Wedding Guide and – most of all – well-prepared couples and lots of great photographs!