Lightroom Wedding Presets



For Adobe Lightroom


Create an atmospheric & timeless look for all your photos with just a few clicks – and fall in love with your work again!




Are you living your dream – working as a wedding photographer or are you just starting your own business? Are you not 100% satisfied with your editing or are you just looking for some inspiration?


The possibilities in Adobe Lightroom are endless and there are so many different presets out there. Each preset is great in its own way, but often they only fit on a certain type of photo. This is frustrating and takes so much time in the post-production.


That is why we created our “one-click” Lightroom Wedding Presets that fit in every environment and lighting situation. They are all-rounders and include one single color and one single black-and-white preset.


After more than 100 weddings and seven years of experience, our wedding presets are already the 3rd edition. And we couldn’t be any happier with the positive feedback. We use the Wedding Presets for all of our photos and have also tested them on hundreds of photos from different photographers, cameras and from a wide variety of environments and lighting situations.


The presets not only get the best out of your photos, they also save a lot of your time. With our Lightroom Wedding Presets, you create a consistent look. That helps to improve portfolio, get found by your dream couples and increase your sales.


The Lightroom Wedding Presets Package includes:

  • Color Wedding Preset (as a xmp file for Lightroom & also as a dng file for the free Lightroom Mobile App)
  • Black-White Wedding Preset (as a xmp file for Lightroom & also as a dng file for the free Lightroom Mobile App)
  • Guide “How to install & use the Wedding Presets” in german & english


Here you will find some before-and-after examples from different environments and light situations:











Please note that presets are not wizards. A good photographer is characterized by much more than just his editing. Presets are meant to underline the mood of a photo, but – and we don’t want to give you false hopes – our Wedding Presets don’t save badly exposed photos. A good photo is the condition for using our Wedding Presets.


If you are not sure about the presets, please send us 2-3 raw photos. We will edit them and send them to you. Otherwise: Download the Lightroom Wedding Presets now & get started!