JxM Preset #2



For Adobe Lightroom & Lightroom mobile.


Our JxM Preset #2 fits in any environment and lighting situation. If you wanna create timeless & atmospheric photos with natural & vivic colors, a warm & cheerful mood, expressive contrasts & beautiful even skin tones, you will love it.




New wedding season, new Preset. In the off-season in winter, we have much more time to be creative, make plans, optimize our processes and to get prepared for the new wedding season. Over the past few months, we have been working on our new Lightroom Preset.


Instagram is full of trendy edits and distorted colors. That’s why we created our JxM Preset #2 with a timeless look for atmospheric images with natural and vivid colors, a warm and cheerful mood, expressive contrasts and beautiful even skin tones.


A preset is a look or filter for Lightroom to edit a photo just with a few clicks. Lightroom is available for your computer and also as a free app for your smartphone.


For us it is important to work as simple as possible. That’s why we decided against a preset package and created a preset that works for every environment and light situation. Less is more! We use this preset for all our wedding photos, couple shoots and our private smartphone pictures. – And it fits perfect to our JxM LUT #2 for our videos. We are very proud of the atmospheric and timeless look, the beautiful even skin tones and the warm and cheerful mood.


The JxM Preset #2 Package includes:

  • JxM Preset #2 as xmp-file for Lightroom CC
  • JxM Preset #2 as Irtemplate-file for older Lightroom versions
  • JxM Preset #2 as dng-file for Lightroom Mobile App
  • Guide “How to install & use the JxM Preset #2” in german & english

Please note that presets are not wizards. A good photographer is characterized by much more than just his editing. Presets are meant to underline the mood of a photo, but – and we don’t want to give you false hopes – our preset doesn’t save badly exposed photos. A good photo is the condition for using our JxM Preset #2.


We have tested the preset on many photos of different friends and photographers. Our JxM Preset #2 will underline the mood of your photos and will help you to optimize your workflow and create a consistent look.


If you want to use the JxM Preset #2 on your smartphone, make sure you have downloaded the free apps “Adobe Lightroom” and “UnZip”.


We wish you a lot of fun with our preset and we are looking forward to see your results. You are welcome to tag #jxmpreset on Instagram. We will feature our favorite photos in our Insta Story.


Here you will find some before-and-after examples from different environments and light situations: Inside, outside, on the beach, with lots of green tones, with bright, soft and golden light etc.: