Love is intimate.

Love is graceful.

Love is wild.

Love is an adventure.

We love authentic and crazy people, creative and individual weddings – natural, emotional and unconventional, with a lot of heart and love of detail. We want more adventures, more non-traditional wedding ceremonies at magical places, more wedding dances in the rain, barefoot brides, personal wedding vows and love letters, wild flower bouquets, flowing dresses, bright chains of light and golden sparklers.

Jessi & Markus

wedding photography and wedding film


We are Jessi and Markus, a traveling photographer and filmmaker couple from Germany. For us, there is nothing better than capturing the love between two people. That is why we travel the world to take natural, emotional and authentic wedding photos and wedding films. We meet the most warmhearted couples, attend the most beautiful and emotional weddings, we discover stunning places in the world and are always on the hunt for sunsets, new adventures and moments for eternity.


As your wedding photographers and wedding videographers, we aim to be more than just a service provider. In our opinion, good wedding photographers not only stand out for their photography skills, but also for their interaction with the people in front of the camera. We will make the best and most authentic wedding photos and wedding films, if we know you well and if we become a part of your story and are right in the middle of it rather than just close by. Therefore, we want to get to know you, laugh and celebrate with you – and help you, make one of the best days of your life a day to remember and a day you will never forget.


We are looking forward to new adventures and are excited to hear about you and your story.


Foot prints

our previous adventures


We love crazy ideas and travel around the world to capture your wedding – in your favorite place.


Travel Dates

our next adventures


We are traveling the world and are always ready for new adventures. If you are at the same place and are interested in a couple shoot, elopement or destination wedding, just let us know.


06/-13/01/2018: Austria

10/02/2018: Netherlands

02/-09/03/2018: Iceland


05/05/2018: Bremen

06/05/2018: Hamburg

07/-09/05/2018: Baltic Sea

11/-18/05/2018: Kalmar, Sweden

26/05/2018: Alsace, France

27/-28/05/2018: Stuttgart

07/-14/06/2018: Gran Canaria, Spain

05/-09/07/2018: Berlin

21/-22/07/2018: Frankfurt

27/-29/07/2018: Frankfurt

19/-23/08/2018: Majorca, Spain

16/-17/09/2018: Marseille, France

18/-21/09/2018: Provence, France

05/-07/10/2018: Wolfsburg

12/-27/10/2018: Uganda, Africa


01/01/2017: Zeeland, Netherlands
02/01/2017: Antwerp, Belgium
17/-20/02/2017: Harz mountains, Germany
24/03/2017: Egmond aan Zee, Netherlands
19/-30/04/2017: Thailand
01/-14/05/2017: Malaysia
15/-16/05/2017: Singapore
16/-29/05/2017: Bali, Indonesia
16/-19/06/2017: Sweden
02/-03/07/2017: Hamburg, Germany
08/-09/07/2017: Heidelberg, Germany
10/-13/07/2017: Alsace, France
12/-18/08/2017: Algarve, Portugal
27/09/2017: Groote Keeten, Netherlands
01/11/2017: Alsace, France
02/11/2017: Stuttgart, Germany
20/-27/11/2017: Majorca, Spain

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